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By CasiMods ® カシ改造

Hand-modified individually

Base Model

G-Shock GA2100


This is a 1 of 1 piece made for a client. I was given the desert/post-apocalyptic/Dune theme and free reign to create this watch. The client prefers green, so we decided on the green GA2100 as the base watch.

I wanted to create the rugged and technical aesthetic to align with the theme. I’ve scrolled through hundreds of photos for inspiration. And while Dune displays a more minimal and futuristic look, the post-apocalyptic Mad Max look consists of lots of complexity and multi-layers of hardware. I intended to find a happy medium—not overly complicated, but still exudes the heavy weathering feel.

The process was learning lots of weathering techniques; both for the outer case and the inner dial. I also added extra hardware, but not excessively, to beef up the watch.

Benson C.



The Modifications

I have broken the project down to the following modifications. Most of the mod processes are difficult to depict by words, so I plan to launch a series of tutorials and behind the scenes soon. You can visit the YouTube channel to subscribe

Metal Screws Addition

Outer Case Weathering

Outer Case Detailing

Hour Marks Weathering

Dial Weathering

Custom Strap Script Imprint

Custom 2-piece strap

Design Process // Drag to view

Name: Desert CasiOak
Model: G-Shock GA2100
Origin: California, USA
Edition: 1 of 1

By CasiMods ® カシ改造


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