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& Watch

By CasiMods ® カシ改造

Hand-modified individually

Base Model

Casio F105


This is a 1 of 1 piece made for a client. The client wanted a watch around the “Game & Watch” theme referencing the nostalgic silver and red console.

I stripped the original paint and recoated it with metallic silver and apple red for the raised area around the buttons. I also designed the custom backlit graphic with the “Judge” raising a card around the single-digit date display.

Overall, it was a very fun build, and learned a lot from the process.

Benson C.



The Modifications

I have broken the project down to the following modifications. Most of the mod processes are difficult to depict by words, so I plan to launch a series of tutorials and behind the scenes soon. You can visit the YouTube channel to subscribe

Crystal Scripts Removal

Outer Case Weathering

Outer Case Detailing

Custom Backlit Graphic

Custom Strap Script Imprint

Custom 2-piece strap

Design Process // Drag to view

Name: Game & Watch
Model: Casio F105
Origin: California, USA
Edition: 1 of 1

By CasiMods ® カシ改造

& Watch

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