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By CasiMods ® カシ改造

Hand-modified individually

Base Model

Casio AE1200



Once you’re knee-deep into watch modifications, it’s tough to turn off the radar that’s constantly scouting for ideas. I’ve seen many minimalist mods of the Casio Royale, so I knew I wanted to add complexity and design details to this timepiece while retaining the industrial and technical aesthetic of the base watch. But I didn’t know what the theme would be. That is until I came across the nuclear symbol. After some sketching, the result is the post-apocalyptic AE1200. Being the 8th official project, I included the “008” across the top.

Benson C.



The Modifications

I have broken the project down to the following modifications. Most of the mod processes are difficult to depict by words, so I plan to launch a series of tutorials and behind the scenes soon. You can visit the YouTube channel to subscribe

Metal Screws Addition

Script Removal

Nuclear Sign Addition

“008” Custom Texts

Red Dot on Map

Grid Window Overlay

Minor Weathering

Custom ZULU strap

Custom Backlit Graphic

Video Overview

Design Process // Drag to view

Name: Nuclear Royale
Model: Casio AE1200
Origin: California, USA
Edition: 50

By CasiMods ® カシ改造


Custom Backlit Graphic

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