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G-shock Santos—DW5600-BB + Cartier Santos Case

I browse the net often in search of inspiration and latest modding accessories. And a couple months ago, through Custom Casios Club, I stumbled across the Cartier Santos stainless steel case.

Originally thought it was a fully custom case, turned out it was readily available, albeit it usually doesn’t turn up in the first few pages of the search result.

From March 2022. Post link.


This image is a bit misleading; the base watch was the DW5600-BB, the all black style, not the standard version.

A relatively quick and easy project—Little modification and essentially putting the pieces together like a sandwich. The ingredients are: G-shock DW5600-BB (all black), Cartier Santos-inspired stainless steel case, and DW5600 stainless steel brushed finished strap.

Link to Purchase.

Watch: G-Shock DW5600-BB

The Parts

I’ve purchased both the case and a silicon strap. Didn’t end up using the strap. Instead, I chose the metal DW5600 strap in brushed finish.

The case came polished.
It was prone to scratches, so I took a pass at it using 400 grit sandpaper to create a more industrial look.

The case measures around 42mm, wider and bulkier than the default G-shock cases.
The screws on the case are not detachable (at least not without a fight. The groves are thin, so it’s a challenge to find a fitting flat head for this to begin with.

The Result

I tend to add lots of personal touches and details to a project, but this was not the case. Less is more, I suppose. The minimalist dial from the G-shock DW5600 paired well with the detail-heavy case and strap. It was a good balance so I dare not to disrupt.

’till next time,