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The Casio watch in the movie “Project Power”

Project Power, a recent Netflix sensation starring Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dominique Fishback, more. More importantly, there were a couple of the classic Casio sighting in the film—The silver Casio B650WD worn by Frank, starred by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

So let’s talk about the watch.

The varieties of B650W

This is the Casio B650WD-1A. Silver case with stainless steel strap. Casio offers this model in a few different colorways— Besides the silver, there’s the stainless steel all-black version with the negative display. The B650WB.

I had the change to own the Casio B650WB, the black version, for a brief period of time. Resin case, stainless steel bracelet. And, man, the bracelet, oh, the bracelet is absolutely stunning. I really like the vintage minimalist look with tapered style starting around 20mm near the case to 16mm at the latch.

The silver Casio B650WD is also a very good looking watch. Particularly when it was seen on the big screen.

The grey trim around the time window complements the case and adds depth to the design, which makes it a beautiful detail for this watch.

Price and Size

The great thing about Casios is the bang for the buck. Most of their watches come in below $50. They hold their value and many of the discontinued Casios can go upwards of $100-300 USD on eBay. The watches are robust, water-resistant, accurate, and often have a battery life of 7-10 years.

Pricing for the Silver Casio B650WD is around $27 USD.
For the black Casio B650WB is around $44 USD.

For the B650W series, the case is around 42mm wide. Weighs 63g, aka, it’s light. 50m water-resistant. It’s got a timer. BUT it does NOT countdown that it was depicted in the movie.

Their resin cousins

Is the W217H series.

The differences?
-W217H sports the resin bracelet instead of the stainless steel versions of the B650W.
-The W217H weighs about half of the already light B650W at 34g.
-Finally, the outwards appearances such as the case and trim colors.
Besides those elements, both have the same case size (43mm), degree of water-resistance (50m), and even the module (3454).

If you don’t mind the resin bands, the W217Hs are around 20% cheaper than the cheapest B650W.

They’re all around $21 USD.

Pricing for the Gold case black band W217HM is around $21 USD.
The black case gold trim W217H is around $21 USD.
For the silver case and black band Casio W217HM is around $21 USD.
The F91W colorway W217 is around $21 USD.

The Shocking S-Shock.

Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. In the movie, Project Power, there was another cameo—a g-shock-esque timepiece worn by some bad guy. The watch is by Fanmis, a Chinese brand. While I couldn’t find the exact same watch, I did find something similar—here. I don’t know much about the quality and have never owned any of their watches, so try at your own risk. Though, clearly, it was good enough for Project Power; the no-name bad guy of Project Power.

While this is not the same one as the movie, it’s the closest one I could find. At around $17 USD.

’til next time,
Benson C.